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Purpose aka All-Purpose has always been well aware of the possible consequences of falling victim to society’s traps and getting lost in the streets.


Coming from Lynn, Massachusetts’ gang/drug-infested Highlands neighborhood and Being the youngest of 3 brothers (who during his childhood, were constantly in and out of jail), he was often subjected to such negativity at home, as well as in his neighborhood. Eventually, Purpose, along with friends, would end up participating in similar activities to those that had previously landed his brothers behind bars, some of them making decisions that would alter his perspective on their way of life, forever.

As far back as his memory recalls, Purpose, who was introduced to hip-hop by his brothers at a young age, remembers vibing to the beats and reciting notable words from songs, despite being too young to fully grasp the ideas and often harsh realities expressed on much of the tracks. However, it was the dark, grimy sound that would eventually make hip-hop his choice in music, as well as lifestyle. By the time he’d reach middle school, Purpose was jotting lyrics of his own and holding his own in freestyle ciphers amidst older, more experienced rappers. Purp, now a more experienced writer would begin taking things more serious in High School, learning how to make his own beats and forming what would then become the Tragic Allies with close friend Fuge(Fuji), eventually aligning themselves with artist Estee Nack who would be pivotal in influencing the fundamental growth and development of the group.

As time transpired, Purpose excelled at making beats, constantly searching for new ways and techniques to bring his ideal sound into existence. His mind was set on becoming a great producer, setting himself apart from a mere “beat-maker”. It was in these times of growth that he would start to forge his legacy as a producer, MC, and studio Engineer. He was successful in landing production/mixing credits on Tragic Allies projects as well as on projects with both local and legendary hiphop artists. Aside from his production, Purpose has been a vocal force on all Tragic Allies mixtapes and albums, as well as releasing a pair of mixtapes and a full length album of his own(and numerous collaborations with local/legendary artists). Today, his unique sound, set of skills and prolific catalogue on the microphone, beats and mixing board, warrant the respect of any genuine hiphop junkie, solidifying the reason why he is a perfect embodiment of the name “All-Purpose”.

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It’s been years now. Artist after artist, gimmick after gimmick, it seems as if mainstream fans never looked back when writing off the more artistically involved hiphop artists, for those simply looking to make a buck. For Estee Nack and Purpose, of the Tragic Allies, following popular trends in order[…]

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