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Traversing through a life experience that has brought him to many places


Traversing through a life experience that has brought him to many places– from his very beginning in East Lynn, Massachusetts, to the Mattapan section in Boston, to even spending high school in the south in a small town in Alabama in between those periods of his young life, the MC Paranom (born Kerveen Saint-Phard and current Brockton resident) was raised in a single parent household as the 1st generation of his Haitian family born in the United States. Though only 27 years of age, Paranom reflects his different experiences & feelings through his crisp, smooth & soulful, confident, thoughtful and sometimes cryptic lyrics and delivery— “Grimey Soul”, as he has himself dubbed once before. Since the young age of 9 he has a pen in hand— with his very first experiences with rhyming in school & church ciphers, budding into street ciphers among many characters in life— constantly observing & learning how to better craft his game. He has been known as a rhymer since then, and has grown into his own in many ways from his unique background.

The name “Paranom” is derived from a Sanskrit word— “para or beyond”, meaning supreme + “nom”, being a universally accepted interpretation of “name or nomenclature”— essentially embodying being beyond a name or a box, a supreme name. It was at the age of 16 that Paranom created this mindset, during the first conscious moments of breaking free from the ingrained thoughts and beliefs from family & friends, violence, and drug use throughout his environment. These new, self-created thoughts grew in a way that lead him through many ideologies and interests, as well as got him kicked out of school for writing and reading and hanging out instead of doing school work— from exploring the paranormal, Gnosticism, Hebrew Israelitism, Hermeticism, to moving beyond those chapters into spirituality through self-creativity & expansion, to starting the teachings of Allah of the 5 Percent Nation which originated in Harlem (Mecca), NY— all of which has been an influence on Paranom as an artist and an individual.

As an official, and 4th member of Tragic Allies in 2013— Paranom brought his Lynn roots full circle and released his first retail album, “Life Outside The Frame” released on Ill Adrenaline Records, which produced entirely by Purpose (of Tragic Allies) nearly 7 years after first meeting the crew when he returned to Massachusetts. Its second single, “Microphone Phenomenal”, reached #1 on the MTV Germany Black Charts in 2014. At the very beginning of 2015, Paranom released an EP entitled “777” on his own– which was entirely produced by up & coming Massachusetts producer Al Divino and has also gained worldwide acclaim.

Musically embodying the sentiments of freedom, empowerment, justice, and peace & love for disenfranchised people all over the world, Paranom represents the very essence of progressive culture rooted in truth and knowledge by way of free movement and sound.

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