Tragic Allies

Tragic Allies

Estee Nack


Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, rapper “Estee Nack” has something special for those who long to hear a high voltage delivery and quick, thoughtful lyrics over a rugged beat.


Born to immigrants from the Dominican Republic and raised in the the rough East Lynn neighborhood in Masachusetts, Nack was a staple on the most notorious streets, walking before the age of 7 amidst prostitutes and drug addicts, bodegas and barber shops. He spent a lot of his time at local record shops. Intrigued at an early age by the sounds and style of the American hip-hop culture, Nack began to emulate his favorite rappers. It was no time before he was freestyling alongside his peers in middle school, battling for money and gear, but most of all, respect. Feeling disconnected with the sub-par curriculum in his city, Estee often found it hard to pay attention in class, spending much of his classroom practicing his writing skills. After just barely graduating high school, he found himself in the street, with nothing but his ability to make music.

Juggling to survive on his own and keep his dream alive, Estee began recording with Purpose who had already started solidifying the brand, Tragic Allies, joining the ranks soon thereafter himself. After encountering many hardships that forced him to look deep within himself for understanding on life and his purpose within it, Estee underwent several spiritual, ideological, and cultural changes, studying Sunni Islam, Rastafarianism and other religions and schools of thought, ultimately finding himself dedicating himself to the teachings of the 5% Nation founded in 1964 in Harlem, NYC by a man named Allah. Throughout his journey, he picked up many jewels that can be seen and heard today within the lines he kicks and the style in which he expresses them, posessing a unique look and feel in delivering what he considers his testament to the people. Listening to Estee Nack, one can get an idea of what it’s like being a concious youth, growing up in the inner city ghetto, with his message being one of Freedom, social injustice, every day struggles and the powers of the mind.

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It’s been years now. Artist after artist, gimmick after gimmick, it seems as if mainstream fans never looked back when writing off the more artistically involved hiphop artists, for those simply looking to make a buck. For Estee Nack and Purpose, of the Tragic Allies, following popular trends in order[…]

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