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Tragic Allies

Code Nine


It was the gritty drum patterns and complex rhyme-flow that had first attracted youth, Codenine, to the hiphop culture.


Born in a middle class neighborhood in Lynn, Massachusetts to alcoholic parents, Code was a member of family with a history of substance abuse. He found himself writing lyrics by the age of 10, to find a temporary escape from the hell he was constantly exposed to. Being heavily influenced by the 90’s boombap era, Code began recording on a makeshift setup he managed to assemble in his parents’ living room, spending much of his time with friends forging the skills that would soon prove be one of his greatest blessings. Code began his professional career in hiphop, at age 15, after being introduced by a mutual friend, to Estee Nack. Nack who at the time was working on the “Grey Skies” mixtape with the Tragic Allies, found Code’s rhyming ability to be outstandingly polished for such a young MC and invited him to get together to work on music.

Things got a bit more real for Code around this time, after walking in and finding his father dead, leaving the financial burden on him and his mother. it was around this time that Code began skipping school(where he subsequentially ended up dropping outa), hanging out with shady characters, smoking and selling weed, and performing strange hustles in the street. However, he never stopped wrtiting and recording rhymes. After several run-ins with police and numerous posession charges, Code found himself in a crucial physical altercation where he and few friends were jumped and badly beaten by a mob of strangers, badly injuring some of them. This experience caused him to start taking a critical look at his life and the decisions he had been making since his father’s passing.
After making notable appearances on the Grey Skies mixtape, Code, who had determind to clean up his life and dedicate himself fully to his musical craft, secured his spot among the ranks of the Tragic Allies elite generals. Fusing boom-bap with high octane reality rap, Code had developed his own unique style and story, projected through a hard, raspy voice that captures the listener upon first listen. Codenine considers his music to be a combination of the meanings of life, religion, politics, crime, poverty, death, space and time…He has appeared on all tragic allies releases since the Grey Skies Mixtape and plans on making many more appearances with the Allies as well as his own solo work.

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It’s been years now. Artist after artist, gimmick after gimmick, it seems as if mainstream fans never looked back when writing off the more artistically involved hiphop artists, for those simply looking to make a buck. For Estee Nack and Purpose, of the Tragic Allies, following popular trends in order[…]

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